911 CLUB

In the words of modern genius Curtis Jackson, aka 50 cent, we want to tell you: "WELCOME IN DA CLUB"

How to get in 911 CLUB? To get a club card you need to use the services of 911 RENT ROOM x BEAUTY POLICE in the amount of UAH 5,000 within one month and fill in the mandatory fields of the club program participant's questionnaire in 911 RENT ROOM.

Advantages of 911 CLUB:

- free departures of the 911 team within Lviv;

- in the list of all events from 911 with + 1 girlfriend;

- 10% discount on services and goods (not promotional);

- free birthday present;

- free disassembly of your wardrobe from the stylist 911 (once a season);

The benefits will increase with each passing month. We will alert you via SMS.

How to stay in the 911CLUB? To keep all the benefits of the club, you need to follow one simple rule - make at least one purchase in any convenient way every three months (these three months we in the club call "quarter").

Don't just be a member of the club, but be its master.


You never know when you forget about your girlfriend's birthday - this is the inscription on our 911 GIFT KEY ????????‍♀️

People who remember every holiday on the calendar are sent to this world with a special mission: to develop a complex of inferiority in those who forever forget all the dates. And we are here to ease the pain of choosing a gift for a friend.

GIFT KEY - is your key to all doors (well, almost).

How to use the key:

 1. The gift key gives the right to choose a one-time product in the amount of 911 RENT ROOM or use it for services from 911 BEAUTY POLICE.

 2. If the amount is less than the face value, the balance is not refundable.

 3. If the amount is greater than the face value, then the difference is expected to be paid.

 4. Valid for 6 months from the date of sale.

 5. Bring your passport to sign the contract.

And don't forget about your friends' birthdays!


Buying a 911 RENT ROOM season ticket for a certain period of time (1 month; 2 months;) you can use the 911 wardrobe and dress completely with us, choosing both casual and evening images, complementing them with accessories and bags.

Did you like something so much that you want to buy? We have a buyout option!

Ready for something new? Let us know what goods you return, and come to us - we will pick up something new.

And we still can't imagine what kind of friendship it is when you can't share some things with your girlfriend, so you can share this season ticket with her.

And of course, another nice bonus from us: buying a season ticket for a month - you can take things for the price of 3 days.

Minimum subscription amount: UAH 5,000